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Cherry is an AI-powered video analytics platform designed to turn video of human activity into actionable data. The platform makes it easy to create intelligent applications that analyze video streams to identify people, objects and actions in real time using AI and deep learning. Based on this analysis, alerts can be triggered for immediate action, recorded video can be searched, and events can be generated for trending and statistical analysis over time.

The Cherry Labs difference

Human behavior analytics

Highly accurate

Unique ability to quickly and accurately identify  and measure human/machine interaction.

Human-in-the-loop approach allows for quick tuning and training of the algorithms to guarantee accuracy and quickly address corner cases.

Use existing cameras

Leverage existing video infrastructure or Cherry can help you install a new video network.

External context

Cherry technology is extensible, allowing you to import 3rd-party data and correlate it with existing video to add context and increase relevance.

Turnkey – but extensible

Cherry comes with a set of pre-built applications and trained algorithms, but our team of experts can customize a solution specifically for your business needs.

Patented technologies

Cherry has several patented technologies around human behavior analytics that are critical to implementing highly accurate video analytics solutions.

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Any video inputs

Cherry gives you complete freedom to choose your video hardware - we can connect any IP camera to our service, and can analyze both live video streams as well as video files. Note that Cherry can optionally provide a complete video hardware and network solution through our integration partners.



Technology Platform

Fast time to value

Cherry is a third-generation system designed to support the full video analytics lifecycle, including fast implementation and easy re-training when things change.

Cherry Labs has developed a unique and powerful set of pre-trained computer vision algorithms that can be used as building blocks to quickly create intelligent video applications - without the need for developer skills. Cherry’s platform tools make it easy to define the zones, objects, and actions for recognition that the algorithms need. Then human-assisted validation tools can quickly train and tune the system, so that people, objects and actions can be classified in real time, and actionable events can be generated with high accuracy and explainability. Cherry was designed from the ground up to enable new AI video analytics applications to be built and deployed very quickly, and many customers see their first results 1-2 business days after deployment.

AI-powered video analytics and explainability

Cherry converts video into a series of events that can be alerted on, tracked, and trended. Events include relatively simple things like “crossed into zone”, “is wearing hard hat”, or “light turned on”, as well as more complex human behaviors such as “fell down”, “measured spindle” or “missed an assembly step”. Tracking these events over time and by person provides baseline data for analysis. And the Cherry Labs team are experts at customizing these analytics to your business needs, with no need for a data scientist to configure the solution for you.

Generate alerts and insights

Any IP video format

Existing or new video systems

Real-time video streams or recorded video files

Pre-trained AI algorithms

Build and deploy apps quickly

High accuracy and explainability

Real-time alerts and notifications

Dashboards and analytics

Expert support from Cherry Labs

How can Cherry Labs transform your business?

Our AI computer vision enables you to increase operations efficiency while improving employee safety. Schedule a live product demo and see how we can reduce your risk and improve your ROI.


The Cherry Labs difference

Live and recorded video is transmitted to our secure AWS cloud processing infrastructure for processing by Cherry’s patented AI algorithms to identify people, objects, and activities. Business logic is applied to identify key events, with the resulting data reviewed, validated, and corrected by our global team of expert operators. This event data is then fed into our analytics platform for analysis, trending, and alert management.

Video Intake

Both live and recorded

Detection and Recognition

Objects – People – Activities
AI algorithms

Video Interpretation

Define behaviors and interactions
Classify using business logic


Review, validate, and correct data
Make the model more accurate
Build trust between system and user


Real-time alerting
Trending over time