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Operational Efficiency

Transparency of manual labor processes helps managers improve workplace efficiency in a number of ways: from analyzing compliance with processes and checklists to looking at operation heatmaps to improve process flows and eliminate bottlenecks, improve asset utilization or predict overall facility performance. Combined with data from connected machines and IoT Cherry allows to build a complete digital twin of an enterprise.

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Facility and Machines Utilization.

Cherry automated work order cycle time detection, built utilization reports of area and machinery, visualized people and trucks position in real-time.


Truck Repair Facility

Workplace Heatmap.

Cherry helped detecting specific zones where employees underused facility area and tools during their work at the facility. We also found places where excess of people and objects cause significant slowdowns.


Humans and Trucks Presence with Asset tracking.

Cherry leveraged License Plate recognition to track and analyze position and state of every truck currently being repaired in the bays. We were also tracking and analyzing position of all humans employed in core operations.


Solar Roof Installation

Activity tracking of 20 types of actions.

Before partnering with Cherry company used human loggers to label every minute workers spent on the site. Cherry Action Tracking allowed them to build activity reports with higher granularity within hours instead of weeks. It empowered 10% productivity boost by detecting inefficient operations.


Precise work hours reports.

Cherry Action Tracking reports give an insight on who was doing what for how long in different parts of construction site. This helps our client to significantly reduce idle time of both workforce and equipment as well as plan production load better.


Industrial Health and Safety

Automatic control of PPE compliance empowers the next level of safety and transparency across industries. Whether workers are violating HSE rules, putting anyone’s health and safety at risk taking inadequate precautions or being in dangerous zones with or without assets, detection of such occurrences significantly reduces risks while keeping costs of enforcement low. Cherry integrates with your safety systems, provides rich set of compliance options delivering you tools needed to implement zero injuries policy.

PPE violations detection for employees and contractors.

Cherry helps to monitor compliance with PPE safety rules for various types of employees. It is able to infer department, role or employment type based on external differences of uniform.


Construction, oil & gas refinery

Hard hats and coveralls tracking.

Cherry detects human presence without a hard hat, with improper coverall or other types of noncompliance. System generates notifications with video confirmation along with daily and weekly reports.


Immediate results without preliminary training and continuous learning as part of a process.

Cross-industries proven record including cases in manufacturing, construction, oil & gas.

Corner cases covered by augmented AI- people continuously verifying cases and retraining the system.

No vague results – get full data transparency and video verification for every tracked event or anomaly.

Agile team of 40+ engineers and data scientists, 10+ PhDs.

We understand your pain points.

Cherry provides insights via clear customizable dashboards and events video confirmations.

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Cherry adds up with video analytics.



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Cherry has an extendable platform allowing to add your context and provide an answer.


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Cherry guarantees accuracy by augmented AI.

Learn how Cherry solves customer pain points.

Turn video of human activity into actionable data.


Immediate results

Proven records

Data and video transparency

Covered by AI

Professional experts

We analyze video streams using machine learning to automatically identify complex human behavior. 

Real-time emergency prevention and AI monitoring:


More about Industrial Health and Safety 

Industrial Health and Safety

Make sure that individuals wear security apparel (PPE).

Alert when individuals enter a restricted or hazardous area.

Detect and prevent falls and injuries.


Cherry platform provides a scalable and easily configurable way to explore a birds-eye-view of a facility at a glance, analyze data in graphs or heatmaps or drill down to finer detail such as "who" did "what", "when", "where", "for how long" and "with which equipment" together with video confirmations of each event.

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More about Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

Analyze complex manual labor processes to improve workplace efficiency:

Build workplace heatmaps.

Track work and idle time for spent on each operation.

Automate activity tracking, reporting and analysis.


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